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If you are interested in becoming a WellBiz Brands portfolio franchise owner but you aren’t a licensed hair stylist or massage therapist, take note: WellBiz Brands offers franchise opportunities to motivated entrepreneurs from many different backgrounds.

WellBiz Brands manages a portfolio of beauty and wellness franchise brands, including Drybar®, Amazing Lash Studio®, Radiant Waxing™, Elements Massage® and Fitness Together®.  The brands have about 900 franchised locations around the globe and more than 300 in development.

So, who is WellBiz Brands looking for to be the next franchise owners of a premium beauty brand studio, shop or salon?

Whether you’re interested in being the owner-operator of your own studio, salon or shop or investing in a multi-unit deal, WellBiz Brands might be the perfect fit for you. WellBiz Brands’ established business model and exceptional support programs provide the tools that people from all walks of life need to successfully run a WellBiz Brands franchise.

Is there an opportunity waiting for you with one or more of the brands within the WellBiz Brands portfolio? The answer may be “yes,” if you fall into one of these categories:


Avid Customer

Are you a newcomer to the franchise world who has always enjoyed the beauty and wellness industry? Do you love to receive the services of your local Drybar, Amazing Lash Studio, Radiant Waxing or Elements Massage locations?

Many franchise owners started out as avid beauty and wellness consumers and often customers of one of the brands in the WellBiz Brands portfolio. You have an advantage in that you already believe in the brand and its mission, and you know what attracts customers to the brand because you are one of them.

Thanks to WellBiz Brands’ training, professional support staff and established business model and programs, you don’t need a background in the beauty industry or franchising to become a successful franchisee with WellBiz Brands. As with most opportunities, it’s more important to find a business that you are passionate about and that fits your personal goals.

“We are really in the people business,” says Jason Losco, chief development officer at WellBiz Brands. “If you are a ‘people person’ who enjoys building relationships with customers, we will share the tools and teach you what else you need to know to run your business.”



Do you already own another franchise or independent business, possibly in the beauty/wellness industry? Then you may be a candidate for a multi-unit or multi-unit, multi-brand deal with WellBiz Brands.

Many investor franchisees have capital to invest or have history with lenders from previous business investments. They also may have a team in place that could help them manage the intricacies involved in a multi-unit deal and scale operations. About 35% of WellBiz Brands franchise locations are owned by franchisees who own multiple franchise locations.

Savvy investors recognize the benefits offered by WellBiz Brands, including unparalleled brand awareness, a cross-brand digital marketing program that drives member acquisition, service provider recruitment and retention tools, local marketing collateral and resources to help franchisees secure funding and find the perfect location for their new salons, shops or studios.

“Top-quality support programs, coupled with the fact that personal services brands are on the rise as people prioritize self-care, make franchise brands in the WellBiz Brands platform a very smart addition to an investment portfolio,” says Losco.


Service Provider Turned Owner-Operator

Are you a licensed service provider in one of the respective industries that WellBiz Brands franchises? More specifically, are you a hairstylist, a massage therapist or an aesthetician?

“If you’re a licensed service provider, then you’ve already invested time and money into learning about your industry,” says Losco. “You understand the skills and service that clients expect, and you know what to look for when you’re hiring a team to staff your own location.”

If you work at or have worked at a salon, shop or studio that operates under a WellBiz Brands portfolio franchise, and you are now interested in owning your own business, you may be a perfect candidate to be an owner-operator franchisee. About 65% of WellBiz Brands franchise locations are owned by a franchisee who owns and operates a single location.

Whether you are exiting corporate life, resuming your professional path after focusing on family, just feel ready for a new challenge or you are already an experienced entrepreneur, WellBiz Brands has the tools and resources to help you successfully open your own franchise business.



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