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Elements Massage store frontWellBiz Brands
May 8, 2024

The Elements Massage Brand Inks Largest Domestic Agreement in its History

Leading Wellness-Based Massage Concept Bolsters Footprint Across Utah and Colorado Through Massive Deal COLORADO – The Elements Massage® brand, the nation’s leading massage therapy concept where every session is personalized…
time lapse photo of a woman talking to the reception desk as people walk by in the Wellbiz headquarters lobbyWellBiz Brands
February 28, 2024

WellBiz Brands CEO Jeremy Morgan Featured on FranchiseU! Podcast

A new episode of the FranchiseU! podcast features WellBiz Brands CEO Jeremy Morgan. On the show, Morgan shares an interesting perspective on the benefits of franchising complementary brands and discusses…
Press Release
February 22, 2024

IFA Recognizes Amazing Lash Studio, Drybar, Elements Massage and Radiant Waxing Owners as Franchisees of the Year

DENVER, Colo. (February 22, 2024) – The International Franchise Association (IFA) has named four franchise owners from the Amazing Lash Studio®, Drybar®, Elements Massage® and Radiant Waxing® brands as Franchisees…
Press Release
February 20, 2024

Drybar and Amazing Lash Studio Franchise Brands Open Inside Flagship Nordstrom’s Beauty Haven

DENVER, Colo. (Feb. 20, 2024) – WellBiz Brands Inc., the pre-eminent beauty and wellness franchise portfolio company, and luxury department store Nordstrom Inc. are bringing the Drybar® and Amazing Lash…
Owner Stories
February 16, 2024

Drybar Charlotte Couple Celebrate Love for Business and Family

Drybar® franchisees Jackie and Matt Paynter had never run a business before they married each other a decade ago. She was a cosmetologist, had her license for 20 years and…
gradient of blue in the top left corner fading into green in the bottom rightPress Release
February 13, 2024

Drybar Continues International Expansion With 26-Unit Deal on Arabian Peninsula

DENVER, Colo. (Feb. 13, 2024) – The Drybar®  brand is continuing its international expansion via a newly signed master franchise deal with Lekhraib Rose LLC to bring 26 Drybar shops…
January 19, 2024

IFA: Drybar & Amazing Lash Studio Ranked on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500

WellBiz Brands
January 15, 2024

Marketing Support Helps Franchisees Start Strong and Grow Their Businesses

New franchise owners in the WellBiz Brands portfolio may enter its system knowing how to run a business or provide excellent customer service. They may have even previously worked as…
December 15, 2023

WellBiz Brands Gives Franchisees the Opportunity To Do Good in the World

One of the reasons entrepreneurial people open their own business is to use the business to do good in their community. WellBiz Brands portfolio brands’ franchisees are encouraged to support…
December 6, 2023

Radiant Waxing has been named one of the top 100 Game Changers for 2023 by Franchise Dictionary Magazine

 Radiant Waxing has been named one of the top 100 Game Changers for 2023 by Franchise Dictionary Magazine. “Franchising offers a swift path to business ownership,” Franchise Dictionary Magazine Publisher…
November 15, 2023

Established Franchise Brands Offer Advantage in Lending Prospects

What’s in a name could mean the difference in whether you receive approval to finance your next franchise endeavor.    In the competitive world of financing, lenders want to know…
woman looking over left shoulder at camera with beach in the background.Amazing Lash Studio®News
October 31, 2023

Amazing Lash Studio Owner in Lubbock Featured on Local TV News

Amazing Lash Studio ® owner Emily Raburn and members of her staff were interviewed on the Trends & Friends segment of KAMC-TV and KLBK-TV in Lubbock, Texas. The women discussed lash…
Montage of different health and beauty services being fulfilled by experts in their fieldNews
October 26, 2023

WellBiz Brands’ at the IFPG Retreat

  WellBiz Brands' franchise development team enjoyed a productive week at the IFPG retreat, seizing an opportunity to shine in the current issue of IFPG's prestigious magazine, Franchise Consultant. Featured…
gradient of blue in the top left corner fading into green in the bottom rightDrybar®
October 20, 2023

Drybar Owner Made Work-Life Balance a Priority

  Erinn Moss survived a stint on “Survivor” and life on the road with her hockey player husband before he retired from the NHL. But at 34, they found themselves…
blue tinted background image of woman smiling, coming down the stepsNews
October 6, 2023

Drybar International Expansion Continues With 20-Unit Saudi Arabia Deal

DENVER, Colo. (Oct. 5, 2023) – The Drybar® franchise brand continues to grow its footprint internationally and recently inked a master franchise agreement with MAKAN AL ADHAFER TRADING COMPANY, a…
Montage of different health and beauty services being fulfilled by experts in their fieldNews
October 3, 2023

Drybar, Amazing Lash Studio & Elements Massage Ranked In Franchise Times Top 400

DENVER, Colo. (Oct. 3, 2023) – WellBiz Brands Inc., the pre-eminent beauty and wellness franchise portfolio, announced today that three of its franchise brands were ranked on the Franchise Times…
September 15, 2023

Corporate VP Finds Success as Multi-Unit Drybar Shop Owner

While jet setting around the country as the vice president of corporate sales for a large financial technology company, Anne Evers knew how to close business deals.   What she didn’t…
gradient of blue in the top left corner fading into green in the bottom rightPress Release
August 15, 2023

Inc. 5000 Ranks WellBiz Brands, Inc. Among Nation’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies

DENVER, Colo. (Aug. 15, 2023) – WellBiz Brands Inc., the pre-eminent beauty and wellness franchise portfolio, ranked No. 4,782 on the Inc. 5000, a unique and prestigious list of the…
August 5, 2023

Beauty and Safety Combine for Perfect Chemistry

Meet Jasmine Martich, the chemist behind the clean ingredients in Amazing Lash Studio® products. Martich is the director of product integrity and innovation at WAVE – Wellness and Vitality Exchange,…
July 15, 2023

Taking Care of the Team That Takes Care of the Customers

Every day, brands in WellBiz Brands’ franchise portfolio deliver premium personal beauty and wellness services to consumers around the globe through franchisees’ service providers, who are committed to taking care…

Get the Deets on the Numbers

Getting Up Close With Your Bottom (Line)

Eager for more details on the digits? We’re ready to lay it all out for you.

But first, a glimpse at who makes the perfect Radiant Waxing franchise owner…

Got the drive to lead a Radiant Waxing salon? While you don’t need a background in beauty, we’re scouting for dynamic leaders with a flair for top-tier service. It’s about crafting those “ahh” moments and sending guests out feeling on top of the world.

At the heart of the Radiant Waxing brand is the mission to cultivate a team that’s not just skilled, but also purpose-driven and awe-inspiring – all within a business environment that’s as fun as it is fulfilling. 

We’re on the lookout for individuals who embody the ethos of being ‘headstrong, heart-filled, and hand-crafted.’ This means having the tenacity and drive to lead, a heart that beats for creating positive experiences, and a hands-on approach to every aspect of the business.

And – as you can probably tell – we’ve got a certain vibe.

Sound good?

Alright, let's dive into the numbers…

Studio Footprint: 1400 – 1800 Sq. Ft
# of Rooms:  4 – 6
Team Members: 10
Opening Timeline: Six months after signing a franchise agreement
Minimum Liquidity: $100,000
Net Worth: $600,000

*As stated in the March 2024 Franchise Disclosure Document

Training & Support

Serious Training That’s Seriously Fun

Waxing is an art, and we help provide training for a salon’s waxologists to perform their craft at the highest levels.

But we also train owners just as seriously.

The training covers:

There’s nothing to worry about – we’ve got your back!

When you win, we win, so you’ll get all the training you need to get you up and running.

Power of Portfolio

Transforming Lives, One Wax at a Time

Consider WellBiz Brands your BFF, alongside you on your journey to starting (and growing) your Wax Empire.

You know everything about running a successful beauty biz right? You don’t? Well, no worries, because the WellBiz Brands portfolio brands have nearly 1,000 locations for its franchise brands including Amazing Lash Studio®, Drybar®, Elements Massage®, Fitness Together®, and of course, Radiant Waxing. 

WellBiz Brands specializes in the beauty and wellness space.  They understand the mass affluent female consumer and membership models that help create more predictable, recurring revenue.  And with that many franchised locations in their portfolio, they know a LOT about how to make them work.

And not only do you get the benefit of their experience – you get their tech, too. 

With the power of the WellBizONE™ platform, you’re not just running a salon; you’re steering a high-tech vessel. This platform is the pulse of your business, simplifying everything from booking to sales, making your operation smoother than ever. It’s about harnessing technology to not only enhance  guests’ experience but also streamline your day-to-day management.

Whether you’re looking to expand your empire with additional salons or optimize your options when you’re ready for the next chapter, the team is here to support and advise you in making the best moves for your future.

Above all, they’re in the people business.

Because when you take care of people, business is good.

Why the Radiant Waxing Brand?

Considering The Radiant Waxing Brand? Let's Shine Together!

Let’s keep it real: these are not just any waxing salons. They’re a full-service, speed-waxing havens inclusive of everyone who values their personal care – both men and women.

And when it comes to services, we cover it all – from perfectly shaped brows to the smoothest legs and everything in between.

Now, why should you, as a potential franchise owner, get excited? Because at the Radiant Waxing brand, waxing is our bread and butter. Waxologists are artists of their craft, meticulously trained to provide unparalleled service. This translates to not just happy guests, but loyal ones – the kind who come back, again and again, keeping those registers ringing.

Proprietary Waxing Technique: The three-step process is fast and skincare friendly. Salons use an all-natural pine-based TruWax® soft wax for a better waxing experience. Most hard wax only removes 60-67% of hair in one pull. Soft wax removes 90% of the hair in one pull. It’s kind of a no-brainer. Ya know, unless the guests are into pain.

Boutique Experience: The salons are chic, upscale boutiques, making every visit a luxurious escape.

Sole Focus On Waxing: We’re all about waxing mastery, helping ensure salon waxologists have top-notch skills in their field.

Recurring Revenue Programs: Offering unlimited Brazilian waxing memberships and wax packages, because who doesn’t love staying smooth?

As a franchisee, you’re stepping into a role backed by comprehensive training resources, operational support, and ongoing mentorship. You’ll be part of a team that’s as driven and awe-inspiring as they come. Imagine being at the helm of a business that’s not just profitable but also genuinely fun and fulfilling.

Sound like fun? Get in touch and let’s get this party started!

The Perfect Blend - Train Online, Train Offline

Unlock the potential of your Drybar® franchise with a blend of virtual and hands-on training.

Learn to:

The right support can make all the difference, and at Drybar, we’re committed to more than just handing you a training manual and saying “Good luck.”

We’ve got years of experience and all the resources to hand you the keys to the kingdom. When you win, the brand wins. 

Changing Lives by Changing Hairstyles

With WellBiz Brands’ mastery in digital marketing, your salon's chairs won’t just fill—they'll turn over with a member ecosystem that's as world-class as our blowouts.

The WellBizONE™ proprietary platform, doesn’t just make operations silky smooth for franchise owners—it’s the magic wand that keeps members enchanted, engaged, and loyal. It’s like your personal salon assistant, one that understands the pulse of your business and helps you style success, one member at a time.

But it’s not just about keeping the books or tracking appointments—WellBiz Brands is all about the full glam squad experience. From supply chain expertise to e-commerce innovation, your franchise is poised to outshine the competition with the shiniest tech in the industry.

And let’s talk about growing your Drybar® dynasty or making a sleek exit. With resale specialist services, the brand ensures that your business journey is tailored to your goals. Whether you’re looking to expand your style empire or transition to new opportunities, the brand has the insights and support to help you optimize every step.

WellBiz Brands isn’t just behind you—it’s leading the charge into a future where customer-centric, membership-based businesses don’t just thrive; they redefine the landscape. 

Ready to unleash the full potential of your franchise with WellBiz Brands by your side? Let’s raise the bar together.

Behind The Bar - The Drybar Product Advantage

We’ll just come out and say it—Drybar® shop’s signature products are special.

It all started when founder Alli Webb was playing mixologist, looking for that perfect recipe for the iconic Drybar blowout. This alchemy of sorts was just the beginning, and led to the creation of the first Drybar star product, the award-winning Detox Dry Shampoo. 

Then came the tools, and the “Buttercup®” blow dryer was born. The iconic sunshine-bright blow dryer that’s become a beacon of beauty innovation. The Buttercup blow dryer makes a statement, and is an instantly recognizable piece of the Drybar universe you can hold in your hand.

But what's style without substance?

Drybar hair care products look great, sure, but they also work great and smell amazing. Their signature scents have people saying, “You smell like a Drybar shop”, and that’s a very good thing.

As a Drybar shop franchise owner, you’ll leverage this cohesive brand experience, amplified by the fact that Drybar brand products are for sale at prestigious retailers like Sephora®, Ulta®, and Nordstrom® worldwide. 

So when women step out of a Drybar chair they become walking, talking evangelists for the brand. Thousands of clients regularly purchase and use Drybar products, which means they’re spreading the word about great hair wherever they go.

Owning a Drybar shop franchise means stepping into a world where every product tells a story, every blowout is a signature experience, and every client becomes a testament to the transformative power of amazing hair.

The Numbers (And The Heart) Of The Drybar Brand

Alright, you want even more details on the numbers?

We got you covered. But first, we wanna learn a little more about you…

Dreaming of Your Own Drybar Shop?
Here's Who We're Vibing With!

Think you’ve got the mojo to run a Drybar shop? While you don’t need to have professional beauty experience, we’re on the lookout for go-getters with a knack for leadership and a soft spot for impeccable service. It’s all about creating those “wow” moments and leaving clients floating out the door on cloud nine.

Big Picture Gurus

As a part of the Drybar fam, you’re not just running a shop; you’re curating an experience. With your strategic genius and a dash of panache, you’ll guide your team to reach for the stars, making sure every strategy is as on-point as your blowouts. You’re the behind-the-scenes hero making sure the goals are met and every day is a good hair day—for your team and clients alike.

Team Dream Builders Welcome

If you’re the kind of entrepreneur who’s already collected a few success stories, loves the thrill of opening new doors, and gets jazzed about crafting an unbeatable team culture, then you’re speaking our language. We’re talking about positive thinkers and vibe-bringers who turn a regular day at the shop into a full-blown fun fest.

Ok, onto the numbers already…

Ideal Space: 1,300 – 1,600 Sq Ft*
Chairs: 10-12, Team: 15-20, Opening Timeline: ~6 Months*
Minimum Liquidity: $250,000        
Net Worth: $750,000

*As stated in the March 2024 Franchise Disclosure Document