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The leading lash extension franchise is empowering more guests thanks to its inspiring franchisees.

After a lucrative career in sports and entertainment marketing, Elaine Watley knew it was time for something different, something more inspired. That’s when she found Amazing Lash Studio®.

Amazing Lash Studio is a category killer, leading the eyelash extension segment in the franchise industry. With more than 260 studios across the U.S., the brand is propelling forward in its mission to empower its guests and help them feel and look confident and beautiful.

Watley was attracted to an opportunity with Amazing Lash Studio from the start. She was inspired by the power of franchising and the opportunity to take hold of her own career. And, in her search for the right brand, it became clear that Amazing Lash Studio was the right fit after she learned of how supportive and transparent the brand is at its core. 

“The brand was up front with its financials and I felt like they listened to my ideas,” said Watley. “I also appreciated that, at the time, it was an emerging brand that offered me a lot of potential.”

Since her initial meeting with the team five years ago, Watley has expanded her portfolio to include five Amazing Lash Studio locations.

Beyond her love of the brand is Watley’s passion for being a woman in business, and she’s inspiring others to follow the same path. Through her success with Amazing Lash Studio, Wately has helped to create opportunities for her employees and other female entrepreneurs by developing an ownership and equity model. She’s even invested in financial training for them.

“After working primarily with men, I saw an opportunity to promote entrepreneurship within women,” Watley says. “It was that moment in my life that propelled me into franchising in the beauty space.”

But Watley isn’t the only finding success in something she’s passionate about, some of Amazing Lash Studio’s newest franchisees, Tracee Wood and Kerri Jurimae, are excited that their new studio if officially open, too.

Tracee Wood and Kerri Juriamae have been friends for eight years, and coincidentally, it was a love of lash extensions that connected them. After a career in medical sales, the pair opened their first Amazing Lash Studio together in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

“When we met, lashes are what brought us together initially. So when this opportunity landed in front of us, it seemed like a great fit,” said Wood. “Lashes bonded us in the beginning and now we’ve come full circle as lash extension studio owners.”

Wood says it’s more than just the beauty behind the brand, it’s about the customer experience as well that makes it stand out. And as someone who has their lashes done regularly, she understands that connection better than anyone. 

“Since we get our lashes done regularly, it’s easy to envision ourselves in the guest experience. A lot of competitors don’t have private rooms, and cleanliness doesn’t seem to be as prioritized,” she continued. “I think that’s something important to have a connection to. If as a guest, cleanliness is important to me, I see it being important to our guests as well.” 

Lauren Wanamaker, senior director of development for Amazing Lash Studio, says that its franchisees like Wood, Juriamae and Watley that make the brand as successful as it is. And she hopes their hard work and passion for the business will inspire others to grow with the brand. 

“Our brand is nothing without the hard work of people like Tracee, Kerri and Elaine. It’s exciting to see such passionate people grow with Amazing Lash Studio and help empower the people of the communities they serve. I hope prospective franchisees can look to them as key players and recognize the kind of success they can have themselves,” she said.